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I wouldn’t want to run our business without bioLinks

- Tim Hofer, Manager, Pine Haven Colony Meat Shop

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bioLinks gives you the tools you need to track your investments and improve your operations from one moment to the next, start to finish.


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I don’t know of anyone else in North America doing this in the meat industry

- Cory Van Groningen, Co-Owner, VG Meats

What our bioLinks clients say

bioLinks Helps Your Whole Team:

Increase transparency for better consumer trust

Reduce recall impact

Increase productivity

Reduce errors in orders and inventory

Access real-time data at any time from anywhere

Process orders more quickly

Reduce labor costs

Pay monthly for what you use

Pricing that relates to the size of your operation

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With bioLinks’ capabilities for traceability, consumers can trust you to provide only the highest quality product. Transparency is everything to today’s consumers who want a relationship with their food producers and retailers. Best of all, bioLinks can differentiate your business by giving you an advantage over the competition without breaking your budget.

biolinks, farm to table, meat production, meat processing, inventory management, sales tracking, bridging intelligence

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biolinks, meat production, meat processing, inventory management, sales tracking, traceability

Anytime, Anywhere Software 

With the advanced food systems management capability provided by bioLinks, you can increase your productivity and reduce losses, all while tracking food production and sales from start to finish.

bioLinks Helps You:

Ensure Accurate Invoicing - Know exactly what you have on the spot

Reduce Impact of Recalls - With an accurate food-tracking system in place, the effects of recalls will be more controlled and focused

Increase Productivity by Gaining Control and Avoiding Mistakes - Order tracking and automatic invoicing creates a seamless system of optimal efficiency

Increase Customer Satisfaction - Enhance your customer-buyer relationship with added consumer trust

biolinks, meat processing, inventory management, traceability, meat production, sales tracking, bridging intelligence

bioLinks Gives Your Operation:

Inventory Management


Sales Tracking

QR Code Functionality

Data Security

Auto Upgrades

Mobile Functionality

Web Store

Support Every Step of the Way

With bioLinks, you can process your orders faster while reducing errors at the same time with automated invoicing. You can also capture consumer feedback, and access your data from wherever it’s most convenient for you.

biolinks, traceability, meat production, meat processing, inventory management, sales tracking

The bioLinks Advantage

bioLinks offers an affordable, unique, customized way for smaller food processing or retail management operations to get in the game with the big guys in a way you can afford and that makes sense for your business. 

biolinks, meat production, meat processing, inventory management, sales tracking, traceability

Invested In Your Success 

When you start using bioLinks, you’re joining a team that’s invested in your success. We give you the tools and support you need to track and monitor animal herds, report genetic evaluations and flag important events.

biolinks, meat production, meat processing, inventory management, sales tracking, traceability

Pricing That Works For You 

With bioLinks, you make monthly payments for what you use. Because pricing relates to the scale of your operation, small processors and retailers won’t be overburdened by high overhead costs.

biolinks, meat production, meat processing, inventory management, sales tracking, traceability

Minimal Investment & Training

With our easy inventory system designed for real time knowledge, you can track and monitor right from your mobile phone. Best of all, your data can be customized to meet your business’s needs.

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bioLinks: Helping you gain more control over pricing and inventory management.

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